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Jared Freid: 37 & Single

If you're a millennial, and a single one at that, trying to navigate adulthood in an ever changing society, then this is the comedy special that will speak to you. I have never laughed so hard at my own lifes silly struggles as I did while Freid laid them out perfectly and hilariously.

As someone who has always admired comedians and their ability to turn the mundane into something spectacular, I like to scroll through the comedy specials on Netflix. I had never heard of Jared Freid before stumbling upon this 1 hour and 7 minute recorded live show. Immediately after turning it on I was holding my sides, pained by laughter.

Freid speaks about the many problems single millennials face, such as navigating the various dating apps. We all know the routine, swipe, rate, swipe, rate, read a made up story people say about themselves to come off a certain way, is this really the way to find love? Freid has an inside look from both his perspective, and his female friends' prespective. Men and women certainly look at dating from two seperate aspects. What would easily turn a woman off from a dating companion could just as easily be something a man thinks makes him look great. There is one thing both sides can agree on, it isn't easy being single.

Freid also goes into the very touchy topic of gender reveals. Something relatively new that our generation has deemed "the norm". Speaking of sensitive subjects, Freid discusses cancel culture and how gen Z is mainly the generation cancelling older generations because they were raised with a better understanding of social media. Mellenials grew up during the creation of social media and so we used it for fun, which didn't always age well.

What I enjoyed most about Jared Freid's stand up was that he was absolutely hilarious without being too vulgar. That seems to be harder to come by in the growing comedic field. His manurisms certainly add to his humor as well, he is very active on stage while he tells his stories. In the end credits we get an extra special glimpse into his family dynamic with his parents in his dressing room recorded before the show took place.

Jared Freid has become one of my favorite comedians after just watching this single comedy special. I hope there are many more to come as I can not wait to see what topics he discusses next.

Available to watch on Netflix

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