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Pete Davidson: Turbo Fonzarelli

I admire Pete Davidson for his work on SNL and comedic roles in movies. However, I never found his stand up all that entertaining. He always seemed out of it, very monotone, and I assume it was because he was admittedly on drugs. He explains in this show that he is officially in his 30's, and drugs are for your 20's. I can only assume that he is truly sober now which allows his comedy to shine through.

This comedy special was filmed in all black and white which gives it somewhat of a classic look. Almost like watching comedy greats from the early days such as Lenny Bruce. While it looks classic, the topics are all very modern. Davidson talks about his mom and their close relationship. He goes into detail about a female stalker that he had who came into his house. He also discusses prospects about being a celebrity such as being part of make a wish.

Davidson certainly looks healthier and appears to be happier at this point in his life. He has a lot more animation in his speech, more inflections used instead of just being monotone. There are a lot of funny movements that he does on stage while he tells his stories. In previous specials he would just stand on stage awkwardly. I always thought before that his stand-up wasn't all that "special" but this one deserves the title.

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