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The Family Plan

Mark Wahlberg plays Dan, the family man in The Family Plan. An ex-assassin who gave it all up to start a family. Dan lives off the grid the best that he can. He refuses to get his picture taken, and hates when his kids spend their time online. Little does he know, as is the case with most teenagers, they have been lying to him for a while.

Dan ends up being tracked down by enemies from his past which causes him to pack up his family and go on the run. Michelle Monaghan plays Dan's wife, Jessica, who was never told about Dan's past. Dan tells Jessica and the kids that he is taking them on a family road trip to Las Vegas. Somehow Dan manages to evade attacks on the family while they travel without them ever knowing.

During the roadtrip the family finds time to bond and grow closer. However, Dan can't keep his secret forever. Once it comes out, Jessica feels it is impossible to forgive him. She tries to take the kids home but has no idea that the people from his past are after her and the kids to get to him. Now it is up to the family to fight together against the assassins.

This movie is what you would expect with Mark Wahlberg playing an ex-assassin. It is full of action packed fight scenes and he is quick with the one liners. Michelle Monaghan's fight scene against Maggie Q is rather cheesy. It would never happen outside of a movie setting. But that is the joy of Hollywood.

Available to stream on Apple TV

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